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Shelter in Place First Aid

Course Description

We have stopped our live Zoom Shetler in Place First Aid sessions- However, we are excited to collaborate with our?colleagues and friends at Landmark Learning in North Carolina. This Shelter In Place First Aid course was created by them. You will have the opportunity to ask me questions while taking the course via messaging on the portal.

Below is some information about the course and Landmark.

The Shelter In Place First Aid course provides first aid skills for persons sheltering in place. This online course provides short, detailed lectures and demonstrations that can be practiced at home. Our goal is to use our background medical education, disaster medicine, and medical brigade work overseas to provide inexpensive training for the general public. This course provides a downloadable manual for future reference. Training on patient assessment and care for medical problems and injuries, along with decision-making guidelines for contacting advanced medical care are cornerstones to the Shelter In Place First Aid course.

  • Created by Landmark Learning a school that specializes in training medical and rescue skills since 1996.
  • View this course and practice the demonstrations with persons in your shelter in place cohort for the purchase of one registration.
  • 3.5-4 hours of video and practice combined. Take this course at your leisure over the course of seven days.
  • Use materials in your home to practice the course demonstrations.
  • A downloadable manual is provided for future reference. The manual can be printed or students can follow along with lectures viewing the manual in electronic PDF format.
  • The course can be viewed on a computer, tablet, or smartphone.
Perfect for: Basic skills, assessment and prevention while at home during COVID19
Duration: Three hours
Location: Various

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