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Do you have a plan for when a major earthquake or natural disaster hits the Bay Area? Are you prepared with supplies and the knowledge to protect those you care about? ReadySF can assist you and make sure that you are confident... Read More ยป

Upon returning to San Francisco after working nine months in Christchurch New Zealand,  where our stay was bookended by  7.1 and 6 .3  earthquakes  we decided to put our risk management and emergency medicine... Read On


Are you ready for an earthquake in the Bay Area? Experts say it is a matter of when, not if, so it pays to be prepared. Many of us are very busy with our daily lives and have little time to think ahead and put together an earthquake kit or discuss emergency plans. An earthquake kit...


Are you confident that your program or organization is managing your risks appropriately?  Have you practiced your emergency action plan with staff?  Are you aware of areas for improvement and are you taking the steps to reduce risk to your participants and organization?


Course Class Start Date Availability
Wilderness First Aid Apr 11th, 2015 Available
Wilderness Upgrade for Medical... Apr 13th, 2015 Quickly Filling
Wilderness First Responder May 1st, 2015 Available
Wilderness First Responder Rec... May 1st, 2015 Available
Wilderness First Responder May 18th, 2015 Available
Wilderness First Aid Clif Bar ... May 28th, 2015 Available
Wilderness First Responder Rec... May 29th, 2015 Available

Student Testimonials

"David is an asset to any organization that needs a plan or a process to help manage the risk and challenges inherent in outdoor education programs. He is knowledgeable, easy to work with, and a resource that will be especially helpful if you are trying to manage down your liability or workers compensation costs." Dan CostelloPresident, Farallone Pacific Insurance
Dan Costello

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